Irmãos de Fronte

Irmãos de Fronte
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domingo, 6 de novembro de 2016


 entrevista com a horda Dødsferd

GREETINGS warriors I'm Clayton Amon Owner Web Zine I am honored by interview with you brothers hail
Hails from Wrath!

01 Aamon - Greece is a culturally rich country, with great bands which for decades have represented Black Metal and other evil genres. Formed in 2001, the horde Dødsferd is recognized by its agressive and impartial style. Please tell us a bit about the creation of the horde. What is the dark meaning of the name Dødsferd and how this meaning has developed until our present days?

I created Dødsferd in 2001, in order to ease the demons in my head. Too many things had happened back then and human parasites proved to be that they were, and still are, a spreading disease for this world. They are like cancer that infects all the weak masses that try to follow a certain group of people. Dødsferd is my whole world, away from all the useless sheep that have polluted this drained world, your world! I try to stay away and create violent music, only for the few, for the ones that would be able to fit in my world. Dødsferd is a Norwegian word and means “Journey of Death”. I started it as a one man band, with the appearance of session musicians and since 2009 Dødsferd has become a full member band. Another change is that in the beginning of 2016 we changed drummer. Chaos is the new drummer/member of Dødsferd, a devoted supporter of my propaganda.

02 Aamon - In the past, the horde went through some changes in formation. Musicians from other great Greek hordes, like Thou Art Lord, Kampf, Ravencult, and Abyssgale, helped in the works. Tell us about the history of the formation of this dark group, from the beginning of the band.

As I wrote in the previous question, I started my band as a one man band, with the assistance of session musicians. In 2009, Nadir from Nadiwrath, my other band and Neptunus from Abyssgale, entered the band and since then, Dødsferd is a full member band. They are supporting my vision and my propaganda with no second thoughts. They are my brothers! Chaos also, joined us in 2016 as a new drummer of the band and now we are ready to record our new album. It will be more hateful than even before.

03  Aamon- The horde has performed many gigs with a sepulchral presence and atmosphere. The lyrics express a nihilist vision, with a very straight philosophy. Tell us about your inspirations. What literary sources and personal experiences have influenced past works, including the most recent albums?
 Also, please tell us specifically about the album "Wastes of Life" and its meaning to you.

My lyrics speak about the elimination of the masses that have gathered into certain groups, in order to survive, gain power and spread their ideas. It’s pure hate against all. “Wastes of life” are the incapable ones, the sheep that are trying to spread their shitty ideas and live in the expense of others, the most capable ones, the dignified ones!!!

04 Aamon- The horde has clear and well-combined influences, like Bathory and Judas Iscariot. This results in great, well-executed albums by Dodsferd. How is the distribution and reception by the public for your albums? 

Is there any chance of performing live in Brazilian lands?
It has different kind of feelings. It’s either you like it, or hate it!!! We would be honored to perform our music live in Brazilian lands, but there has not been any serious proposal so far.  

05 Aamon- Please use the following space as would please you to address the Brazilian readers.   

Total support to all the true followers of our propaganda!!!
With Respect
Wrath of Dødsferd!

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